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Google’s Android team has announced the naming of the next version of the mobile operating system as Android Oreo. The OS will be replacing Nougat as the latest version. If you didn’t know till now Google names all of its Android OS after a dessert, in this case the dessert happens to be one of the most legendary and most recognizable brands across the world Oreo cookies.

Android’s official twitter page revealed the name around midnight IST via 2 animation videos.




This is the 8th version of the Android Operating system by google.  It is worth noting that android is used by more than 80% of smart-phone users in the world, a testament to which is the fact that there is a 80% chance that you are reading this story about Android on your android.

Apple’s iOS meanwhile continues to be the second largest mobile OS with market share of around 12%. While Apple focuses on marketing its products like a luxury Google markets android as a convenience and that is the reason behind this market share gap, not to note the fact that while apple’s iOS is available exclusively on apple devices, google’s Android is readily available across a variety of brands.

The operating system’s official name may have been announced but it is not coming to phones as of tomorrow. The OS will be officially launched in phones sometime later this year.

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