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The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation today released a report on the statistics of airline passengers and other data related to the aviation industry between the period of January to August this year.

The data reveals that the number of passengers carried by domestic airlines during January-August, 2017 were 754.11 lakhs as against 644.68 lakhs during the corresponding period of previous year thereby registering a growth of 16.97%. The data is based on data submitted by various air-service providers.

Here are a few details of the analyses conducted by the Ministry;

More Fliers this year

Passengers carried by domestic airlines during Jan-Aug 2017 were 754.11lakhs as against 644.68 lakhs during the corresponding period of previous year thereby registering a growth of 16.97 %.

Data Source : Ministry Of Civil Aviation

SpiceJet maintains its status

SpiceJet seems to conitnue to be the choice of carrier for most of the Indian Flyers as it records a whopping 94.5 % Passenger Lod factor, meaning 94.5% of its seats were booked between January-August 2017 registering a growth of .1% albeit managing to hold onto its position as the most sought after airline in the industry. However, in terms of YoY growth GoAirhad the upper hand by registering a remarkable 2.9% increase in passengers as compared to same period last year.

Source – Ministry of Civil Aviation

The passenger load factor in the month of Aug 2017has shown increasing trend compared to previous month due to beginning of festive season.

Technical Fault Regretted

The report points out the various factors that lead to cancellation of flight during this period ehich were:

  1. Techincal – 55.0 %
  2. Miscellaneous – 21.7 %
  3. Weather – 16.8%
  4. Commercial – 3.8%
  5. Operational – 2.6%

The report also notes a 100% cancellation rate for ZOOM AIR with Trujet being a distant second with 2.48% of flights being cancelled.

Air India refuses to grow up!

Amidst rumours of it’s takeover by a private carrier, India’s national air-carrier Air India seems to be unable to shed its tag of being the most passenger unfriendly airline in the nation. The oldest airline of India managed to accumulate 1.6 complaints per 10,00 fliers it catered to,During August 2017, a total of 599 passenger related complaints had been received by the scheduled domestic airlines. The number of complaints per 10,000 passengers carried for the month of Aug 2017 has been around 0.62. Jet Airways+Jetlite are a close second on this list with 1.3 complaints per 10,000 passengers.

Some of the top complaints of passengers have been ;

  1. Customer Service – 31.2%
  2. Flight Problem – 26.0%
  3. Baggage – 18.5%
  4. Staff Behaviour – 7.8%
  5. Refund – 7.5%
  6. Fare+Catering – 2.6%
  7. others – 6.2%

6E- On Time Every TIme

On-Time Performance (OTP) of scheduled domestic airlines has been computed for four metro airports viz. Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai in the report and IndiGo has been reported as number one when it comes to On Time Performance with 86.6% of its flight running as per schedule. SpiceJet comes second here with 78.7 % of its flights being on time with Vistara a close third claiming 74.5 % Flights on time.

Reasons for delay have been analysed. It has been found that majority of delays have been attributed to Reactionary issues’.

You can read the full report by the ministry of civil position by clicking here

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