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When India’s blind Football team enjoyed a special trophy experience

//When India’s blind Football team enjoyed a special trophy experience

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Visiting the National Association of the Blind (NAB), the Trophy Experience organised in partnership with Coca-Cola allowed players to get the feeling much like those crowned champions on 28 October will have: putting their hands on the trophy itself.

These football players are true achievers,” Satya Kumar Singh, Hon. Secretary General, NAB, India, said.”We are happy that Coca-Colas efforts offered them a chance to spend some precious moments with the Trophy when they were able to touch and feel it. The sheer joy and happiness that the team felt at being a part of something so historic is truly indescribable.

We believe that the FIFA U-17 World Cup Winners Trophy experience should be for everyone, added Nishant Pandey, Country Director at American India Foundation. Sport allows us to push our limits and enables us to go beyond what we feel we can attain. We are thankful to Coca-Cola and NAB for bringing the trophy to people who personify the positive ideals of football and sportsmanship.


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