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Despite facing humiliation worldwide over it’s support of terrorist organisation, the Pakistani government and army seem not to have learnt anything and continue with their what could only be described as weird tactics.

The Pakistani DGMO today requested his Indian counterpart to meet for talks and blamed India of breaching ceasefire by targeting Pakistani civilians across the Jammu sector. This is not the first time that Pak has resorted to outright lies in order to try and manipulate the global perception of the Indo-Pak conflict into their favour. However the DGMO India, Lt. Gen AK Bhatt reacted as he should have to his Pakistani counterparts arguments by pointing outthat all Cease Fire Violations in the Jammu Sector were initiated by Pak Rangers and the BSF troops deployed only responded appropriately to them.

The Bravest – Indian Army [Library image]
Lt. Gen Bhatt also emphasised that no targeted firing on civilians was carried out by own troops. Apart from these, firing by BSF troops were initiated onto Armed intruders attempting to infiltrate from close proximity of Pak posts along Amritsar Border.

DGMO also put across emphatically that the trend of infiltration along the LC continued with active support of Pak forward posts impacting peace and tranquility along the LC and also the internal security situation. This was evident from continued attempts of sniping and targeting of our troops undertaken through cross-border actions duly supported by Pak Army troops.

DGMO reiterated that the Indian Army is a professional Army and reserves the right to retaliate appropriately to any incident leading to loss of life of our troop. He reaffirmed the sincerity in the efforts of Indian Army to maintain peace and tranquility along the LC provided there was a reciprocal effort from Pakistan.

The Pakistani Army and government has been trying extremely hard to paint India as the villain in the entire conflict some time. This is due to the growing pressure on the rogue-nation by the western powers who keep its economy from crashing down. Pakistan realises that India’s pull in global diplomacy has increased a lot in the last few years and unless they try and change the narrative entirely in what is the Indo-pak and the Kashmir conflict, they are pretty well destined to become the target of the fury of the western world which is in no mood to job as far as terrorism is concerned these days.

This fear of being spanked by its western bosses is what’s making them resort to such stupid tactics. One hoped that with the ouster of Nawaz Sharif , the new PM would try and mend some broken fences, but that doesn’t seems to be the case, as so far he has just duplicated the stand of the ousted Sharif, proving himself to be exactly what everyone feared him to be, a mouthpiece of the Sharif. Hopefully Pakistani govt could wake up from the slumber and finally realise what’s right and not.


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